Monday, January 28, 2008

New Years Resolutions, and Other Sure Fire Ways to Fail

I remember right after the holidays our gym was packed. Large, pear-shaped bodies with sagging flesh wearing tight-fitting sports apparel with all the right labels. The regulars were still there, but now we had to wait in line for our favorite machine or piece of equipment. It's the same every year... hearts filled with good intentions.

If you have to wait for New Year's for an excuse to do something you wouldn't normally, or because a date on a calender means from this point forward things will be different... guess what? It probably won't. There's a huge difference (at least in my mind) between New Year's resolutions and goals. A person who is goal oriented or goal driven will strive to hit his mark, regardless of those around him. Whether he reaches his goal or not, there is no certainty. But at least he or she is self motivated enough to have a plan of action.

Like the New Year's resolution, those who only think this way during a certain time of year because it's "safer in numbers" and "everyone else is doing it", are usually the first to fail.

I'm no different.

I've visited my archived Word files and seen resolutions from years gone past:
Lose weight and be more physically active
Drink less
Get that book published
Insert your personal wish list here

Like trying to quit smoking, will power alone isn't enough. You have to have a "bigger reason" to actually make change stick. A number on a calender won't do it. I gave up on my resolutions years ago, but not my goals, defintely not my dreams. After countless years of failure I've concluded there has to be something inside you that wants it (whatever it is) bad enough that whatever sacrifices you must make in order to achieve it, you've decided that's the road you're going to take.

Failure alone is not enough to deter anyone from trying. Everybody fails, but everyone is also capable of winning. Look at it this way:
Every morning when you first get up you haven't had a cigarette all day, you have no guilt from eating too much, and so far... your significant other hasn't got a reason to be angry with you... You're already winning. But once those feet hit the floor, the choice is yours...

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