Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My First Time

Hi Everyone. I'm new to blogging outside Myspace, Amazon, and my personal webpage. The reason I'm here is like most of you, I'm hoping to be heard.

Where is the volume knob on this thing anyway?

For starters, I'm a published author, and my first book, FLAT OUT The Race for the Motorcycle World Land Speed Record hit the book store and internet retailers in late July of 2007. I've had good reviews and the book was nominated for the Dean Batchelor Award for automotive journalism by the Motor Press Guild. What makes that special (at least to me) is that only 3 books were chosen out of all the motor sports books published in 2007.

So much for beating my own drum. I was lucky enough to be put in a position (driving for a world class racing team) that allowed me inside the world of land speed racing, microphone in hand, shit-eating grin permanently attached to my face. In 2006 we actually broke the record, my best run being over 349mph.

I was living my dream, only to have it taken away 2 days later by my former team. My shit-eating grin was surgially removed and reattached upside down. Wah.

At least it gave me something interesting to write about, and it was a true labor of love on my part. I've always loved the craft of writing, and am spreading my wings, having a go at fiction with the same bull-headedness and determination that brought me a world record.

It seems agents and publishers can sometimes be even more challenging than a nasty sidewind or sudden loss of traction. They can be down right brutal. At least at the end of a 10 mile record attempt, you know where you stand. My agent seems to like my work and has submitted it in hopes of landed that next publishing contract, but I somehow fill like I got left in the pits after the meet was over and everyone went home. There's no trophy girl to kiss, no dog to kick, and no cameras or reporters waiting in the wings to be the first to report that latest success.

And yet I'm hooked. My land speed racing career is still moving forward, yet I find the writing world every bit as thrilling, if not even more challenging at times.

My helmet's on, I'm strapped in, and my mouse is at the ready...

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aaronguymoreno said...

Hey Rocky ! Been a long time! Since we saw eachother. I see you still riding! Great ! Congrates on the speed record! I remember you when you where riding a Honda 50 and 90. Down on the lot beside your house. Then you moved to the house on the cliff where we all rode down by the barn in Prunedale,Calif. Wow come along way. Anyway just wanted to say, when in doubt GAS IT ! sAY HI TO Joe, Val and Buddy.

Keep in touch ( ) Aaron ( Guy-Guy ) Moreno