Thursday, April 23, 2009

Buddy Robinson / On the Mend

About 8 weeks ago my brother (Buddy Robinson) was involved in a serious plane crash. By all accounts he and his flying partner, Mark Nicolayev shouldn't have survived. Their plane fell from the sky after striking a power cable somewhere over the Salinas River. The engine was torn free, the right wing snapped and folded over, and the landing gear ripped from beneath the fuselage. They landed in the river and if the impact didn't kill them, there was a good chance they would drown. (photo: Salinas Californian)

Somehow they managed to pull themselves from the wreckage. My dad (Joe Robinson) also flies and has also had his share of close calls in the not-so-friendly skies. Like my dad, Buddy is a survivor and has too much to live for to let something like this bring things to a premature end. His list of injuries included six broken ribs, a chipped elbow, a shattered orbital socket (eye socket), a fractured leg and bleeding on the brain. There were other injuries, but these were the first to come to mind. His stay in the hospital would leave a lasting impression on many. Brain injuries are a son of a bitch, and not for the faint of heart. The reason I'm writing this is so many of you have asked how he is doing, and maybe this will in some way offer an explanation.
Flying is a big part of Buddy's life and he's already looking forward to returning to the cockpit of his favorite airplane, his rotary engined Nanchang, a warbird fighter trainer. While he wasn't piloting the plane that went down, he has had to ditch his own plane while doing a loop and having an engine seizure while inverted practicing aerobatics over the coast. Luckily he found an open field to put her down in dead stick, and is still around to tell the tale.

He's a familiar fixture at the Bonneville Salt Flats and many know him and his airplane firsthand. He's jockeyed camera crews around giving them new perspectives and great shots from vantage points previously unavailable. He's raced me down the salt, diving his plane to gain speed, zooming by overhead when my run's come to an end. On one occassion, a major sports car manufacturer was there and saw his plane and asked if he'd like to be included in their ad. He's given more than one motojournalist the ride of their life, giving them more to write about than just fast cars or motorcycles.

The one thing about my brother that never ceases to amaze me is how he never lets anything get in his way. In our younger years we both raced pro flat track. One year at the Houston Astrodome Buddy had to beat out the champ, Jay Springsteen to make it into the main event. At the time Jay was Harley Davidson's million dollar man, riding his factory prepared 750cc racing machine. My brother was on his 500cc Yamaha that was only a slight improvement over the stock machine you could buy from your local dealer. From the moment the green flag dropped, Buddy put the hammer down, eventually putting Harley's golden boy down as well! Buddy was in the main event and Team Harley and Jay Springsteen were sent packing, wondering what hit them...

Getting back to present day, a couple of weeks back I met with my brother and our good friend Scott Jensen for a friendly round of golf at their local country club. Keep in mind this is only 6 weeks after his accident. I realized how much he means to so many by the first tee. We couldn't tee off until all his friends stopped by to wish him well and gave him hugs and had their pictures taken next to him. They couldn't believe he was already out of the hospital, let alone standing there on the golf course actually preparing to play.

One couple filmed him as he stepped up to the tee, reared back and let her rip. A beautiful hook shot left of the fairway OB. (nobody said it was going to be easy) It must have tugged at our heartstrings because I hooked mine left OB and so did Scott. His friends thought we were truly great sports for purposely hitting such bad shots just to make my brother feel better. Yeah, that's it, we lied. Once we got past the first tee jitters, a game insued I'll never forget. My brother, who for the most part can't see out of his right eye, is playing with 6 broken ribs, a chipped elbow, a fractured leg, etc., etc., proceeded to put a hurt on us like you wouldn't believe. He played the entire 18 holes and never let up.

When we got back to the clubhouse, more friends surrounded him amazed he would even attempt to play. We tallied the scorecard and sure enough, the Bud Man had won. Funny thing was, his friends kept telling us what great guys we were for letting him win. If only it were true!

Buddy still has a long road ahead. Many of his injuries are still on the mend and he's still having lots of issues with his right eye. He does his best to remain positive and has the support of his loving wife, Christie and a family that's behind him 100%. He continues to push himself and still refuses to let anything get in his way. All in all I'd say his biggest setback his lack of compassion for his fellow golfers!

Hang in there bro,

We all love you.


(Buddy tipping his wing over Bonneville in the wee morning hours.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and great story... Tell Bud we wish him well... Cheers RC Jones

Anonymous said...

Buddy is very lucky to have a brother like you, Rocky. What a beautifully written "Blog." Buddy..we are so very glad to hear that you are on the mend. Does not surprise us on how fast you are recovering...stong willed and maybe a being a little stubborn at times gives you the determination to constantly move forward, no matter what gets in your way. CHRISTIE...You are such an amazing and supportive woman. YOU GO GIRL!
Love to you both and your families. The Kragel's

Anonymous said...

Great story Rocky. Buddy it's good to hear you are doing better.It has been a long time and you have not changed a bit. You are still the same crazy S.O.B that I use to know, and that's a good thing!!I will never forget the way that you road Clear Creek, unlike anyone that I ever saw before. You and Ricky were the first FMX riders before they called it FMX. One time I stalled my bike in the center of a small trail at the bottom of this mountain that you called a jump. You came flying over the mountain (jump) and there I was. If you would have hit me I still believe that I would be dead. You sacrafised yourself and your bike for me . I really felt bad, It's just one of those things I will never forget!! Thanks Bud.

Steve Spenker

Frank Ryan said...

Great story and nice to hear that Buddy is doing well. We are thinking of him and wishing him well.

All the best from the Ryan's and all at Top 1 Oil

ScottDaloisio said...

Hey Buddy, glad to hear you are on the mend. Everybody in Speedway used to say you were one tough hombre. I guess we all did not realize how tough you are!!!

Thanks for the nice write up Rocky.

Hope to see you guys someday soon.

Scott Daloisio

Doug Riparetti said...

Wow, I am glad Buddy is doing better. What an awesome blog you wrote for your Brother. Way to hang tuff, Buddy.

Seldom Seen Slim said...

ey, Rocky: Please give our best wishes to Buddy -- or have him read them for himself. I don't think we've met him, but Nancy and I have heard your stories about him - and read them in "Flat Out", too.

I think I can speak for all of the folks on when I send greetings and encouragement to get all better really soon.

Nancy and Jon Wennerberg
(a/k/a Seldom Seen Slim Land Speed Racing)

Carol Swanson said...

A friend of mine sent your story to me, it brought tears to my eyes as my family and I are going through the same thing with my older Bob. He crashed in his back yard, suffering bleeding on the brain,severe brain trauma, crushed eye socket. As like your brother mine is a fighter too, its only been 5 months but he is well on his way. I don't know how old your brother is but mine is 70. I feel that I am the lucky one to still have my brother in my life..All my best to you and your family

Debbie and Todd Dross said...

Wow what an amazing family and beautifully written blog. It’s obvious you both strive for excellence in life. Buddy keep with your outstanding progress of recovery. Before you know it this will all be a distant memory! We hope to meet you both soon one fine day on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Debbie & Todd Dross
Twin Jugs Racing

mamar said...

Iknow how much you love life Bud and how hard you are working to get it all back....."and you will" You probably don't know how many people are pulling for you...but you've got a very special brother who's going to help you find out. Good going Rocky!
I love you both, Mom

Anonymous said...

Rocky, my contact with Bud was limited to Bonneville when he flew the Nanchang to the salt and picking me up at the dock to attend your wedding at Shasta. I was saddened with the plane accident and genuinely
pleased about his recovery. Prayers to you both.
Richard Miller, Colfax, CA

Brian Leckey said...

Really sorry to hear about Buddy's accident Rocky, It's always great to see him on the salt. I've just been editing an interview I did with him in September - you two are obviously so close, it's great to see. As a fellow flying nut I've been secretly hankering for a flight in his Nanchang - so he better get well soon! ;) please give him my best wishes.

Brian Leckey

Ryan Seidel said...

Thanks Rocky for keeping me informed in Buddies recovery. I really am glad this is becoming a good story. It does not surprise me that Buddy is already playing golf. I know Buddy will make a full recovery. I remember when we were all growing up and racing together and that Buddy created the word "Jamboogie" and we all shared the word in every sentence we could possibly fit it in. The word meant to go all out in everything you did and live life to the fullest. This is in my opinion the only way to live. So "jamboogie" to you Buddy and I hope to see you and your family soon. Call me and we all can go golf together.

Ryan Seidel

Anonymous said...

Rocky..I didn't know what blogging was until now. Some housekeeping issues..please update your title to 361 MPH--
I gotta tell ya, I love you guys like brothers. Buddy kick their ass at whatever!! You go man. Living in a dried up small town in Nevada, there's not much action, so when this colorful ol' salt moves into town..It was natural for some of us to "hook up" with Joe. I'm extremely proud to be your Dad's friend, and yours.
Buddy, the ride you gave me in your Nanchang was a "once in a lifetime" experience, especially when we buzzed that poor bastard in his little fishing boat on Walker Lake.
You are fortunate to have such a protective wife..Christie I won't hold it against you for not letting me in the hospital room, If you won't hold it against me for trying to see my Bro.
To see your family..Christie..Jillian..Valerie..Joe..Rocky at your bedside was overwhelming. You looked terrible...but you had attitude!!
You my man are lucky to be alive.
See you this summer.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, you always write great stories. I was sorry to see that Buddy's involvement in a crash was your subject, but it sounds like he is getting better. When I met him at the races I could tell he loved flying, speed and people. Please let him know that everyone in the LSR community is pulling for him. We are looking forward to Buddy buzzing the pits at dawn again.

Anonymous said...

Well written and heartfelt, Rocky. It's great to hear that Buddy is well enough to play a round of golf (and kick ass!). He'll be good as new in no time.
see you soon, Jeffo

Mrs. Rocky Robinson said...

Wow, what an incredible story. I have so many tears in my eyes that it's hard to type my comment. Babe, that story was truely amazing. As Bud and Mark's accident has had such an impact on all of us, family and friends alike, we are so greatful to still have them in our lives today. While both the Robinson brothers love living on the edge that's what makes them so special. Bud, I knew after meeting you for the first time how determined and strong willed you were and still are today. Whatever challenge you take on in life you strive to achieve the very best.Don't ever change that about you. My hat goes off to Christie for her strenth,love and support through all of this. I am honored to have married into the Robinson family. Love to you, Mrs. Rocky Robinson

Anonymous said...

To the entire Robinson Family - best wishes for a complete recovery and total return to the life you all love. To Rocky: have you ever thought of becoming a writer? Great piece. Love and respect, "LoDown" Dan Parker, Thunder Press

Anonymous said...

It has been 40 years when your dad and I became friends and your family was so much a part of so many memories. My very best wishes for Buddy's full recovery and your family's well being.

All the best,
Dick Cooper

Anonymous said...

Rocky... so appreciate your way with words! I know Buddy is so greatful and proud of his brother! More so, I'm so greatful for Buddy's determination to get back living life to the fullest as he has always done... Whether you each realize it or not... You have both made your mark on this earth and am SO PROUD of you! Buddy, my heart and prayers have been with you every step of the way... I wish I was a better communicator to tell you... often... how much you are loved and we are so greatful that GOD has given you back to us... You have a purpose to share with us all, and I look forward to that experience! All my love... Lori

Anonymous said...

It is great to hear the update and especially Buddy's progress. Reading through the comments brought back a memory of my own. Saturday night half mile at the San Joase fairgrounds. They are still running practice, the orange cones are spread out in the corners to help give a wide groove. My cousin and I are watching the apex of turn 3 & 4, mostly we are watching just to see how early guys were picking up thier left foot and coming off the corner "feet ups". Well somebody gets loose and knocks a pylon into the air. There was an audible hush in the crowd, the next rider coming off the corner was the "Budman". There was no missing it. The pylon nails Buddy in the left shoulder, left hand comes off the handlebar and somehow he stays on the bike. The crowd went WILD! Hang in there Budman, we know you can!

Anonymous said...

Another great story. Met both you and your brother at the Salt Flats.Your family puts new meaning into the words "Living life to the fullest" You are all amazing. My thoughts and prayers are with the Robinson family.
Don Wells
Los Gatos MC
Penn Valley,Ca

Anonymous said...

What a loving story Rocky! It makes me recall tales about both of you starting from when you were in diapers - but I'm sure you don't want to see them on your blog... One thing about the Robinson brothers is that when they set a goal for themselves, there is no stopping them. Buddy, I'm looking forward to the day when you are back to mischief again. Look for an email from me soon as you and I have much to talk about. Christie and Ed are priceless.
Hugs and Aloha, Leilani

Andy Derecola said...

Hey rock....
just for the record i heard awhile back that your mother also kicked your but on the golf course!!! Seriously though what an awesome article and the pix are great. i don't think any of us (friends) could dream up anything bad about our boy Budman.. I am blessed to be associated with him and his wonderful family and i am very positive he will be back to his old risk taking self in no time.!! And Hey Rocky you keep up the good work too pal...400 M.P.H isn't too far away!! Talk to ya soon..
your friendly (Kodak moment) Air Traffic Controller,
Andy Derecola

Anonymous said...

Buddy's Wife Christie (Honey Bunny)

Hey Rocky,

Thank you for writing about Bud's accident, and for supporting us both through his recovery. We are so lucky to have you, Trish, Nani, and our entire family in our lives. We have many close friends that we are so grateful for as well. I can't imagine going through this without all of your support.

Scott has been a life saver and true friend, and his wife Diane gave me the best hug I've ever had (the night Bud came home from the hospital).

Bud's not ready to work full-time yet, but our lives are getting closer to normal every day. We are golfing, doing archery and spending time with family and friends. As usual, Bud has everyone laughing with his great sense of humor.

Buddy went through a lot of therapy and continues to work hard and get stronger every day. He is determined to live his life full-throttle once again, and he is well on his way.

I am so grateful to have Buddy as my husband and best friend. He is the love of my life and we have many more good years of life to enjoy together.
We have two happy, healthy and wonderful children and are blessed in so many ways.

Thanks to everyone who is pulling for Bud. We appreciate it immensely.

And thank you again Rocky (you Rock)!

Bud's Honey Bunny

Anonymous said...

All the best to Buddy for a quick and full recovery. One of the highlites at the salt is when he arrives in his plane. I look forward to the next fly by!!

Suzette Saxton said...

Best of luck to your brother. My husband is a pilot, so this hit close to home.

Suzette Saxton

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Buddy Robinson said...
Hello everyone and thank you for reading Rocky’s blog.

That was an awesome story Rocky if I do say so myself. Of course I’m prejudice but I think you still did a great job and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me even all the bantering at me when I was in the hospital. What the heck, that’s what makes memories right?

Rocky and Scott visited me in the hospital and when I finally came home, they would take turns laughing at the funny things I did. I was there but do not remember much of it. They said at times I was mean and awful to the nurses. They said I even made one of them cry along with my roommate. They would tell me about all the bad things I did and my wife would tell me about all the good things I did. Rocky and Scott usually had a lot more to say than Christie did.

My Punkinhead, Jillian, was feeding me one day and they even made fun of that. They would say things like remember when the Punkinhead was feeding you asparagus and she had them hanging out of your mouth down your lip and you looked so stupid and you didn’t even know it. What are brothers for? I guess it was the cook’s way to get even with the nurses because the nurses had to drain my urinal every time I had to pee. You know how you have stinky pee after you eat asparagus. They even had to watch me poop and that was embarrassing so I would make the best of it.
I wonder why Rocky or Scott never volunteered to help empty my urinal.

A good friend of mine told me I should bring ice cream up to the nurses as a gesture because I might be back some day and you shouldn’t burn bridges.
I think he has been in the hospital more times than he has let on.

Once they moved me from the ICU they put me into this room by myself. There was a second bed next in my room that just stayed empty. They even gave me this real cool bed as well with netting all around it. I wondered what the netting was for and one of the doctors said it was for my safety. Rocky said it was for the nurse’s safety.
I didn’t know at that time what they meant or what it was all about until later once I started coming around. It turned out, the doctor was right (this time).

All the years I spent racing and crashing at speeds well over 100 MPH and I never hit my head. I always wore a helmet and wondered why other people could get knocked out so easily. I was telling some people the story about not ever having a brain injury before and that’s when Rocky spoke up and said “Yeh that you can remember”
I knew it was a smart ass remark but it started making me think and I do remember about 10 years ago during my birthday. It was a rainy weekend and Ricky Graham just died. He was my beast friend, riding partner and companion for life. We’ve done more things together in one week than most people have done in a whole lifetime. Anyway we had a big group of guys riding with us for my birthday and as we were riding up out of the Ramblers camp, I went over to the edge of the trail and found a large jump and when it flung me into the air this little branch the size of a broom stick, took my front wheel out and caused my front end to push out. The bad thing was I had a lot of hang time and by the time I hit the ground I splatted right on my face. It knocked the you know what out of me and I do remember that was the first time I have ever really hurt my head. I was dazed the rest of the day. Sure I still rode and I rode wide open like we used to always ride. I just did it with caution and made sure I kept my feet on the pegs.

I am so grateful for what my brother Rocky, Honey Bunny, Mom, Dad, Punkinhead, Scott and friends have done for me these last two months. Rocky has always had a talent for writing and I do remember some of the poems Rocky use to say when we were kids growing up.

When I was going out one day,
My head fell off and rolled away,
And when I saw that it was gone,
I picked it up and put it on,
And when I went into the street,
A young man said Hey where’s your feet,
I looked at him and sadly said,
I must have left them home in bed.

What are brothers for? To let the world know all the secrets and personal things you do not want anyone to know. Rocky is the best brother a guy could ever have. Can you just imagine growing up with such a comedian all the time? Except for the wise cracks and believe me there were a lot, it was all good.

This has been one heck of an experience and I didn't need this on my resume due to the fact it’s too full already. My family and friends have been so supportive and comforting me through these hard times. Yes I have been getting better each and every day.
I have a TBI witch stands for Traumatic Brain Injury, a torn right rotator cuff, fractured right elbow, I have a chip the size of a marble in my right thumb but the doctor says it shouldn’t hurt because it is not connected any more. I have a lot of broken ribs that probably hurt the worst and a broken tibia. My vision out of my right eye is bad and my orbit and cheek bones had multiple fractures. The doctor said that maybe in a year or two, I can have my lens replaced to possibly restore some of my eyesight. Other than that, I’m doing fine. I just hope I can make it that long with just seeing out of one eye.

I have been going through hell lately and don’t know what’s going to happen so again thanks and take care.

Drive fast and take a lot of chances doesn’t always work.
Sometimes it does, but not always.

I flew up to the Dream Machines in the Nanchang. It was the first time I’ve flown in two months and what a joy it was. I saw my brother signing autographs and handing out posters and books. He’s really cool.

You can pick your friends,
And you can pick your nose,
But you can’t wipe your friends on the horn of your saddle.

Take care,


Claudia said...

Best wishes to you Buddy.

I'm so impressed by the way you are doing everything right to get better as well as getting out there and being active as soon as you can.

I wish all my patients had your positive outlook on recovery and strong will to overcome obstacles.

I'd like to bottle up your enthusiasm for life and pass it out.

Claudia Getz RN

Anonymous said...

Buddy, so gald to hear your ok and out golfing. I just talked to Rocky about a tee time for next week and he told me about the plane crash. Well I'm not much for writing so I'm just going to make a plan to come down to Salinas sometime soon so we can catch up on old times and maybe play a little golf. I see some comments from some speedway folks, glad there still in touch. Everyone here wishes you the best.

Rich VanderMeeden

Anonymous said...

Hey Rock,
This is amazing how the people and friends have come together to write in your blog and email me as well.
It’s neat how the Kragel's, Scott Daloisio, Spenker, Mom, Trish and others have put there two cents in. Now if I could just get the rest of my friends like Mr. Cooper, the Ryan's, Wade or Andy to come "Jamboogie" with me and let me win like my brother and Scott does, I'd have it made.
If 20/20 or 60 Minutes got hold of our stories, I wonder if anybody would ever really believe them.
Thanks everyone and take care,


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Rock! Love the story and love you both!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how much you and Uncle Bud inspire me. You both live life the way it should be lived. Nothing is impossible and you can achieve and overcome anything. You guys have shown me that. I heard Uncle Bud was back in the airplane last weekend...I'm stoked about that! WOOHOOOOO!

I miss you guys so much and wish I could be there.

UNCLE BUD...I'm so proud of you and I think the world of you! I don't think there is much in life you haven't done. You really know how to play and that's what life is about. You have no fear! You are my crazy adventurous uncle that puts a smile on my face every time I think of you! I wish I wasn't so far. I'm going to start golf lessons and we're gonna play, and when I can give me some flight lessons :P You rock! Keep on pushing!!


Uncle Rock...I remember being in the car with you and my mom driving through Granite Bay shortly before she left us. You were telling us about a story you were writing, and about your dreams of being a writer. I can recall the many many years of you heading out to Bonneville. Many people would have given up on their dreams and you kept on and kept on. And here we are today, you are now writing and you have the stinking title!!!!! AMAZING!

Thank you both for being the amazing men that you are and continuing to inspire me!

Love, Nikki Sun

PS How impressed am I that Nani is a blogger??!! I love it :)

Kristin said...

Hey Uncle Buddy,
When I first heard about your accident I was really emotional because I wasn't sure about your condition or what the outcome would be. After hearing about your injuries I was still worried because head trauma is so serious. Dad said he had been talking to you almost everyday and that you seemed to be making progress. By the time we came to visit you, you sounded just like your old self. I couldn't believe how good you were already doing. Then you show us how you can still shoot your bow and arrows AND end up beating Dad and Scott in golf the next day?! I'm thinking to myself, "wait, on top of all his other injuries, he can only see out of one eye yet he's still beating everyone at all these sports? WOW!!" Your recovery amazes me. Even a near death experience can't keep you from living your life the way you want to and from doing all the things you love. We're so blessed to have you in our lives and I'm sure your story inspires so many. I can't wait to see you at the many holidays we have ahead of us. Keep on truckin.
I love you! -Kristin

Anonymous said...

We are so happy that you are recovering so nicely. We kkep you in our thoughts and prayers. Give Christie a kiss for us.
Love, Gerry and Darla

Rocky Robinson said...

When I was a punky freshman in high school I sat behind this large, homely looking girl in class. I would get bored so I would pick on her a little. (I was an immature brat when I was a freshman, okay?) One day after class her huge boyfriend, who was a senior, threw me against the lockers and threatened me with bodily harm.

I remember mentioning it to my brother and one day we're driving down Main St. in front of Salinas High and there he was. Buddy pulls the van over on the lawn of the high school and proceeds to put some lumps in the nappy-headed senior's thick skull! I later learned to pick my own fights and showed Buddy the sign that read No Parking on the high school lawn.

When I finally got involved in land speed racing, I remember the first streamliner I drove. I didn't have a fire suit and the team owner was too cheap to buy me one. We had to borrow one from someone much taller than myself and it didn't fit worth a damn. Buddy stepped up and bought me a new fire suit so that I would be safe out there on the race track in case the machines I drove were to ever catch fire. (which they did on more than one occassion)

I also remember the first time the Bud Man came to watch me race the Ack Attack. By then I was already averaging over 340 mph a run. I remember he gave me a hug before I strapped in and I could feel him shaking. Mr. 'no fear' was actually afraid of something! Naturally he wasn't afraid of anything he ever did, but he was genuinely concerned for me.

He and Scott Jensen took control of an engine swap at the 2008 meet after I broke a mainshaft and thought our record attempt might be through. They wrestled the Hayabusa motor out of the streamliner in record time and helped get the new one in so I could have another go at it. The final day of the meet Buddy and Scott had to leave before we ran. I was bummed they weren't there and I know they felt the same way.
We were out at the starting line before the sun came up. Bud and Scott flew over while the morning sky was still a fiery orange, tipped their wing to wish me luck and disappeared into the sunrise. 20 minutes later we broke the world land speed record. Even though they weren't physically there, they were a huge part of us getting the record and it might not have happened without their help.

Its my turn to help my bro in whatever way that I can. Trying to live up to the Bud Man and Joe Robinson's legacy is a tough act to follow. Anyone who knows Buddy or my dad understands what I'm talking about. The race ain't over till the fat lady sings, and the last one who did found her nappy-headed boyfriend flat on his back with lumps on his head. Buddy's head is thicker than most, that's why I know he'll be just fine...
Hang in there Buddy, the best is yet to come.


Juliemccullough said...

Rocky, what a wonderful story about Buddy and your family... I knew Buddy would pull through as quick as he did... Hes always been one strong, tough man.
Buddy, Best of luck with the rest of your mending.
You keep tearing them up on the golf course....
Take care,
Julie Houston McCullough

Anonymous said...

P.S. I just spent about an reading all the blogs from all your family, friends and Buddy's... You all are amazing, loving, great people.....Pretty funny too.....

Julie Houston McCullough

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long hard road but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am going in for reconstruction surgery soon and hopefully I can have my eye put back into its original place. When I crushed my eye orbit they tried to install a plastic base below the eye socket to give it a foundation to sit on. As my luck would have, the surgery went fine but after a month after the surgery my eye fell and went to the back of my scull leaving me with my eye looking the wrong direction as well as leaving the bones of my eye socket protruding making me look like Frankenstein.
I don’t have the bolts in my neck yet but the eye looks pretty bad. I refer to it as if one headlight were to fall out of its position. It still might work but is lying in the fender well now and can’t look where it is supposed to. If I am to try and regain sight in my eye, I want it to be in its normal position. They say in a couple of years when all the scarring is done they can remove and replace the lens and try to regain some vision that way.
The doctors have been hard to find for a unique surgery like this were as there are a lot of doctors that can do the surgery but finding one who is qualified and wants to do it is another. The famous Mike Akatiff, Rocky’s Right hand Man, designer and builder of the streamliner told me about a doctor that has helped him in the past and we called him. This has set up a list of surgeons that all have worked at Stanford and are at the top of their game. I can’t thank Mike enough. Thank you Mike.
Our family has the Bunny Butt Award still to deal with and I want to be able to try and win it back some day but if you know Rocky, he won’t give it up easy but then again if he did, how much fun would that be?
I want to thank my beautiful wife Christie who I call my Honey Bunny, along with my Mom, Dad, and of course my bro Rock. They all have done so much for me lately and have all been a great deal of support. Christie has been driving me from one doctor’s appointment to another and has been my mode for transportation through all of this due to the fact I lost my driver’s license along with my pilot’s license. Now why would they do such a thing? They say I am going to have a seizer and that would be bad. The one thing is I told them I wasn’t going to have one. For some reason they do not believe me. What the heck do they know?
To all of you who have written into Rocky’s blog or who have called or written to me as well, I thank you very much and one day I will make it up to each and every one of you. Rocky will buy you all ice cream the next time he see’s any one of you. Just tell him the Budman sent you. Isn’t that right Rock? Now you’re not going to back out on your word now are you? I don’t want to start anything but can you imagine how many pissed off friends he would have on his hands if he did and I personally wouldn’t put up with that? What kind of a brother would do such a thing? Hey Rock, just put it on my bill.
Take care and thanks again,


Lee said...

Hi Rocky, you have written a great update on Buddy's recovery process. I only heard about the accident a short time ago and have been thinking about him ever since. Let Buddy know I was checking in on him and I will keep checking your blog for updates. I hope things are well in your life.

Take care,

Lee Seidel

Rocky Robinson said...

Well, the man of steel continues to get better. Thursday Bud underwent a second reconstructive eye surgery on his right orbit. He told me he felt really good about the operation and about his new doctor. He was released Friday and already he's been spotted at the golf course on the putting green with his wife Christie. Can't keep a good man down...

Unknown said...

Buddy, it's Mike Donaldson...from the early 80's. Lisa Metzler's cousin. Sorry to hear about your crash, and hope you make a full recovery. Bernie and I sat next to each other for years at Costa Mesa before he passed. Always talked about you. When you get a chance...please join and talk with us...all the old and new speedway riders are members of the group. Take care Buddy! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

A friend from Salinas sent me this story. While I haven't seen Buddy in many years, I used to waterski with that crazy SOB on a weekly basis. I have fond memories of Bud and his wife and this touching story made those days come rushing to the forefront and the tears stream down my cheek. You are in my prayers,

John Westphal

aaronguymoreno said...

Great to hear and see that the BUD MAN is doing better. Thank you Rocky for keeping us all who care about you all in the Robinson family updated. Great pictuers and video. Brings back lots of memeories. You know since the time I have known you and your Family I don't think there were too many times that you or Buddy didn't have some sort of injury. And Dam, if you two still wouldn't get on your Motorcycles and still ride ! Times of the binging from go-carts to Honda 50's to the Flat-Trackers and Speedway bikes. Dang we did a lot of funstuff everytime My family went over. From riding, to making boomer-rangs,, parachutes off the side of the house, etc... Tahnk you and your family for the times and memeories, of going to races with you all, and your mom's wonderful cooking ! I wish the best for you and your entire family. TAKE CARE AND TELL THE BUD MAN I am glad to hear he is doing good. The Moreno family would like to say thank you for being our other family and sharing in your lifes wonders !!


Anonymous said...

Wow Rocky, Im alittle late reading this but have spoken with Aunty several times since Buddys accident. Bud truely is the epidtomy of a real sportsman...And so are you.
I love you all very much. love djuna

Anonymous said...

I came across the picture of the plane crash on the Internet and immediately recognized it. I was one of flight nurses that transported Buddy to the hospital. I'm glad to hear he is doing well. I was truly amazing that anyone survived that crash.