Monday, February 2, 2009

Sacramento Autorama features the World's Fastest Motorcycle

February 6-8 the 59th Annual Sacramento Autorama comes to town at Cal Expo. In addition to the cool customs, vintage automobiles and low-riders typical of this type of event, the motorcycling segment continues to grow. For the first time, the World's Fastest Motorcycle, the Top 1 Ack Attack will be featured and is sure to draw a crowd. This may be the only local appearance for this machine in 2009 as it will be crated and shipped to Indonesia following the meet to begin a world tour presented by our sponsor, Top 1 Oil.

Stop by and pick up an autographed poster, or maybe the official World Record T-Shirt while supplies last. Rocky's book, FLAT OUT, will also available. Meet crew members and talk to Rocky while checking out the most successful land speed motorcycle in recent times.

The Ack Attack is powered by twin Suzuki Hayabusa engines, turbo-charged and inter-cooled. Suzuki and Top 1 have supported our racing efforts and will continue their support in 2009. Hope to see you at the Autorama!

Rocky Robinson and the Top 1 Ack Attack Racing Team


Anonymous said...

wow it was great to meet rocky and his wife. purchased his book and was suprised to see my husbands 34 coupe on page 145. i got to drive it that year around the pits as he was driving a friends 2006 lightning truck that year.

Kathy Kolofer McGeorge said...

Can you send me a poster. How do I go about getting the book? Boy that is Fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is beautiful about what you wrote about Buddy! Your whole family is so awesome! Tell Bud Man hello!